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Welcome to our dynamic law practice.
We are dedicated to helping you achieve all your immigration goals.

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Our firm offers immigration services to individuals residing both inside and outside the United States. We offer a broad range of immigration services, including employment-, investor-, institutional-, and family-based immigration guidance.

Our attorneys take pride in the attention and dedication they provide to each and every client matter they address. Applying their legal and industry knowledge to the facts of each specific case case, Attorneys Alyssa Giordano and Isht Vatsa work with clients to reach their desired immigration goals. Alyssa and Isht develop unique legal strategies, conduct research, draft, and file matters always considering the client. Clients receive representation throughout their matter, tailored specifically to their needs. They receive counsel during the preparation and pendency of the matter, and until the desired outcome is reached.


Our attorneys believe in offering individualized, tailored advisory services to every client. Immigration needs and goals are highly personalized. Our attorneys believe that legal representation should be as well.


We strive to achieve the desired outcome that every client seeks. Immigration is complex, and immigration rules are often counter-intuitive. We seek to guide our clients through the complex labyrinth of immigration law to deliver the solutions they seek.

Our Benefits

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Every immigration strategy and case that we pursue is designed with the client’s interests and goals in mind. We actively engage our clients throughout the process, working with them to ensure that their immigration matters are handled in a way that is fully compatible with, and conducive to, their personal goals.

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There is no hard and fast strategy, technique, or writing method that our attorneys are committed to. If additional case preparation or revisions are necessary, it is not a problem for our attorneys. They remain open to hearing client ideas and perspectives as they proceed through preparing a case matter.

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There are no additional or hidden fees for any service that we provide. Our firm’s flat fee structure is fully comprehensive, and includes representation even through ancillary matters that emerge after filing, including any expedite requests, online service requests, document renewals, and change of address, among other matters.

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Careful Attention

Here at Extraordinary Immigration, both of our attorneys collaborate to prepare each matter. Clients have access to, and receive assistance and guidance from, two licensed attorneys on any matter they have, regardless of how small it may appear to be.

Collectively, our attorneys have:

90% + Success Rate

We will counsel and confer with you every step of constructing your immigrant or nonimmigrant matter. Our goal is to build a strong fact- and evidence-based case that showcases how you meet eligibility requirements for the visa that best suits your short- and long-term goals.


Cases Filed

We have the experience to determine whether your case has merit. We thoroughly analyze every prospective matter closely, and only move forward if we see a clear path to success.


Matters Resolved

We understand the complexities of a broad range of immigrant and nonimmigrant matters. We will work with you to ensure a successful outcome that is aligned with your short- and long-term professional, family, and personal goals.

Extraordinary Counsel for Extraordinary Individuals

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Our Attorneys are dedicated to serving your needs. They possess the knowledge and skills necessary to best represent you. Here are their stories.

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