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Letter to Community

Letter to Community

We recognize that immigration lies at the cornerstone of the American dream. Immigrants contribute to bettering society throughout the United States, serving as our nation’s innovators, thought leaders, public servants, investors, and valued community members. Immigrating to the United States can be complex and time-consuming. U.S. Immigration law is not intuitive, and at times, not even logical. Often, the application of immigration law is draconian, resulting in the separation of families, financial strain, and the obstruction of career progress.

There are numerous reasons individuals choose to enter the United States. Some seek travel and pleasure, entering as tourists. Others seek to study at a U.S. academic institution, invest in a U.S. business, start a U.S. business, or assume employment at an established U.S. company. Finally, some seek to call the United States their new home, desiring to become lawful permanent residents. Our mission at Extraordinary Immigration is simple: We guide you through the entire process to achieve your immigration goals. No matter what your objectives are, our attorneys will remain by your side until your objectives are achieved.

Regardless of the goal in mind, we never lose sight of the most important aspect of the immigration process: You. Our advice, counsel, legal analysis, and strategic thinking are always carefully tailored with your specific family, academic, and professional, goals in mind. If your goals ever change at any point in your immigration journey, we will adapt our process to guide you to attain your new desired outcome.

Highly Personalized Service – that is the core of our business model. We believe in meeting client needs in a timely, informed, and thorough manner. Whether your needs are administrative, legal, or research-based, our attorneys will promptly and fully attend to them, ensuring that you receive proper legal counsel. We carefully construct each case prior to filing. Our unique and tailored process involves outlining a course of action, thoroughly collecting and drafting all necessary documents to strengthen your matter, conducting necessary revisions, and compiling all required documentation into your case filing. Even after filing, our attorneys are always available to answer any and all immigration-related questions or concerns. Our attorneys strive to provide you with clarity in a complex and ever-changing area of U.S. law. You will never simply be another number at our law firm. You and your family are our priority.

Extraordinary Immigration prepares cases to succeed. We understand that immigration matters are of the utmost importance, with serious implications that could impact your family, career, and future life plans. We aim to provide comprehensive and holistic guidance on matters to ensure that you become, and remain fully informed on, your immigration process, as well as emerging trends in the realm of U.S. immigration law. We look forward to serving you as your trusted immigration advisors.


Alyssa M. Giordano, Esq. & Isht Vatsa, Esq.